23 de diciembre de 2011

Madonna lanza su perfume: Truth or Dare

Aunque parezca mentira que esta vaya a ser su primera fragancia, la cantante, actriz, empresaria y directora lanzará su primer perfume llamado Truth or Dare en Marzo del 2012!
Pareciera que Madonna hubiera tomado sólo elementos de su pasado para el diseño de la botella, como el de la imagen publicitaria, e incluso el nombre:

+ Truth or Dare (In Bed with Madonna) es el nombre de su primer documental, lanzado en 1991 nos mostraba la vida de la cantante durante su Blond Ambition Tour en el año 1990.

+ La imagen utilizada en la publicidad del perfume, fue tomada para la editorial de la revista Interview de Mayo del 2010 realizada por los fotógrafos Mert Alas y Marcus Piggot .

+ La botella tiene detalles reminiscentes a sus raíces, es decir la Madonna que se dió a conocer en los Ochentas, y la inconografía tomada de la Iglesia y Religión Católica.

17 de diciembre de 2011

6 de diciembre de 2011

Museo Virtual de Valentino Garavani

Pueden bajarlo gratis desde la página oficial del Museo, Valentino Garavani Archives. Se encuentra disponible sólo en Inglés y Francés.


Un perfume para el exterior...y el interior!

US$ 55


5 de noviembre de 2011


2 x 1! Dos tendencias que están muy de moda se unen en este par de zapatos, el Color Block y el tacón corrido!

Qupid Bikini 153 Red Velvet Color Block Peep Toe Wedges

3 de noviembre de 2011

31 de octubre de 2011

Icono de estilo: Heidi Klum

Cuando hablamos de los disfraces de Halloween  de las celebridades, es imposible ignorar a Heidi Klum, cada año la ex-Top Model de Victoria's Secret se supera y nos sorprende con disfraces cada vez más complejos y elaborados. Sin lugar a dudas la Alemana es el Icono de Estilo del Halloween, aquí les traemos los distintos trajes que Heidi a utilizado para celebrar el Día de las Brujas, en los últimos once años.

Una chica gótica muy sexy en el 2000

Lady Godiva en el 2001

Betty Boop en el 2002

Alien en el 2003

Bruja Roja en el 2004

Vampiresa en el 2005

Una embarazada Heidi como el Pecado Original, tentando a Eva (Seal) en 2006

Gata Sexy en 2007

Como la Diosa Hindú Kali en 2008

Un cuervo en Louboutins en el 2009

Alien Transformer en 2010

2011 Heidi parece un cuerpo que se escapó de la exposición "Bodies"

Estamos a la espera de imágenes del segundo disfraz de este año, este es un anticipo:

Este fue el resultado final, Heidi y su esposo, el cantante Seal fueron una pareja de chimpancés muy enamorados en su fiesta llevada a cabo en la ciudad de New York.

3 de septiembre de 2011


This time I am not going to be making a Best and Worst dressed list, the VMAs are an event where "celebrities" use their craziest fashions, so it is hard to put them into categories, this time it will be more a personal opinion on what they wore, nonetheless they were some truly meant for the Worst dressed section!


Everytime I think about the Jersey Shore girls (or guys) my mind instantly thinks it is going to be disastrous, and although they kept up to that image, some where less worse than the others. Averall the worst part about their dresses, was the length, they look ready for the gyno!

I could say that aside from her horrible spray-tan, which matched her dress, Snooki almost got it right!

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi

Is this the same dress (in a different colour) Amber Riley from Glee wore for the Grammy Awards 2011? I think it is, please correct me if I am wrong. If it isn't then it looks a lot like it!

Amber Riley in Ema Savahl.

 The second Jersey Shore who almost pulled it right was Samantha Giancola, better known as "Sammy", but again with the Oompa-Loompa skin! I don't understand the fixation of these girls with orange skin! Also the shoes bother me, they are not cute, and they don't match the dress!

Jenni "Jwoww" Farley...the whole thing looks cheap, also those fake-boobs ruin even the best things she wears...

Saved the worst for last! Deena Cortese, the latest addition to the Shore gang, wore a rainbow glittery dress, with gold shoes and clutch that matched her highlights! Oh, check out the scary green contacts...

The first thing that came to mind, was this candy I used to eat when I was young, Rainbow Stick. Awful dress, but it really made me crave to eat one of those again!

This year the VMAs didn't have a host, but they did have a Pre-Show special, which I watched just for you! Selena Gomez worked the part of interviewer, and this is what she wore:

Selena Gomez in Julian MacDonald

From this dress and her performance at the past Teen Choice Awards, it makes me believe her new style is Cabaret Vampire-Chic...Her album cover art is very twenties, so it seems she is bringing that into her outfits, but in this dress she took it too far. I'm sorry but the whole long-in-the-back-short-in-the-front skirt (or Mullet  Skirt as Celebitchy.com calls it) screams 90's to me!

Luckily the dress she wore inside the venue was so pretty, continuing also the trend by many of the other females in the place, the silver dress.

Selena in a mini-dress by Jenny Packham

Selena's bestie, Demi Lovato wore a beautiful silver dress, but it looked too tight in the cleavage area, maybe this is Demi's way of telling us she has grown up? Like I said it was beautiful, but I have to say it wasn't suited for her body...

Demi Lovato in Mandalay.
I almost forgot about her nails, they are so tacky!

Continuing with the ex-Disney girls, I give points to Miley Cyrus for being covered up, and demure, her make-up and her hair look amazing, but the colour and the mix of prints make it look dated, a short version of this dress, in maybe just the animal print would have been better. It looks better in pictures than it did on T.V. though.

Miley Cyrus in Cavalli.

Britney looked amazing! Well I am such a Britney stan...but really, she has improved so much, specially in the hair department, the only thing I would have changed were those peep-toe boots, her legs are short, and this type of shoe cuts her leg, making it seem shorter, maybe some rocking black stilettos would have been a better choice!

Britney Spears in Moschino.

Beyonce Knowles debuted her baby bump, with much controversy, at the VMAs, she looked glowing!

Now onto the out-there gals! Known for her crazy antics I always save a special category for these three ladies, and this time could be no exception!

First, Nicki Minaj. Although I love the intention of a very harajuku inspired dress, she mixed too many elements, I like the dress it's very much like a futuristic Lolita, but the she threw on a bunch of different stuff and it is all over the place, maybe if she had stuck to one thing it would have been amazing!

Katy Perry was also inspired by Japan, including the traditional umbrella. I loved this outfit, the only down-side is her hair, the pink is OK, but her forehead looks too wide with that hair style, almost looks like as if she had a receding hairline!

Katy Perry in Atelier Versace.

Inside she changed three times for a total of four outfits, for the first time someone wore more garments than Lady Gaga.
The purple gown was nice,the following outfit was classy, except for the yellow cube on her head, and the last one was...well very Katy Perry.

Katy Perry in Tom Ford.

Katy Perry in Dior.

Katy Perry in Johnny Wujek.

Last but not least, Lady Gaga! Or should I say Jo Calderone? When Gaga said we were going to see her as we had never seen her before, I thought she was going to tone it down and let the music speak for itself...oh, old naive me!

Credits: pictures from MTV.com and Just Jared